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By Helen Steadman, Jun 5 2017 07:00AM

Hello everyone,

As a tiny treat (or a terrible torture, depending on your viewpoint), I'm going to post a mini excerpt from Widdershins each day in the run-up to publication on 1 July. So, if you don't want to read any of it before you read the book, look away now! If you want to buy a copy, you can order it from Amazon, Blackwells, Book Depository, Foyles, iTunes, WH Smith Kobo or Waterstones. If you want to read some reviews, you can check them out on Goodreads or Amazon.

Evil Elder

'So, you went hunting for berries from the witch tree? Not just any berries, but those growing lush in the graveyard, made fat by the flesh of innocent souls resting in sanctified ground. Not content with this macabre harvest, you walked widdershins three times around the kirkyard. To what end?’

(Taken from 'Under Oath' in Widdershins.)

Best wishes, Helen Steadman

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