Bookpost – Sunwise has landed!

When you’ve been writing for years, it can feel like publication is a very long way off, and it can feel quite unreal, until you get the actual book in your sticky little paws!

I spent years researching witches, witch-trials, herbal medicine, 17th century history, food, clothing and customs before even putting pen to paper. Then, Widdershins took years of writing and editing, so it felt like a very long gap between deciding to write a historical novel and actually getting a copy of it in my hand.

When Widdershins came out, my copies were due to arrive on publication day, which coincided with the day my son returned from being in Thailand on his own for several months. So, I spent publication day at the airport and missed the delivery, which meant unboxing didn’t happen until a few days after the great day.

But Sunwise has just arrived, very excitingly, so I’ve taken lots of pictures of the grand unboxing. (I’m sorry, it’s just too hard to resist!)

Impress Books have come up with such a beautiful cover that I’ve come over all Gollum-like and might find it hard to give away any copies of these midnight-hearted beauties!

I’ve already snagged mine and written Author Copy in the front so that I don’t give them all away and forget to keep one for myself (quite useful for the book launch, readings, etc.).

Anyway, if you’re a writer still on the journey towards getting published, just keep the faith and keep going, no matter how long it takes. If you persevere, it will happen and your unboxing day will come. Good luck!

Best wishes, Helen

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