Cover reveal for The Running Wolf

The Running Wolf is the story of a group of master swordmakers who left Solingen, Germany and moved to Shotley Bridge, England in 1687. It will be published by Impress Books on 10 November 2020.
Cover of The Running Wolf by Helen Steadman (designed by Heike Schüssler of Judge By My Covers)

Here it is… the stunning cover for The Running Wolf, which is a book about the Shotley Bridge swordmakers.

The cover was designed for my publisher, Impress Books, by award-winning designer, the marvellous Heike Schüssler from Judge By My Covers. Heike read the novel before designing the cover, so it’s a perfect interpretation of the story.

The title, The Running Wolf, is taken from the name of the Solingen blademark (also Passau’s blademark), which is sometimes also called the flying fox. Heike has engraved a running wolf into the molten gold that makes up the letter ‘o’ of Wolf. The warship is a man o’ war from Rotterdam, and it’s stationed beneath the constellation of Cancer.

There are lots of swordmaking details and blackmiths will spot the smithing tools either side of the ‘the’ in the title. I particularly love the way the 9 swords are set out like rays of the sun. Interestingly, and Heike cannot possibly have known this, but the 9 of swords is a tarot card that seems to haunt me. Although, there are 10 swords on the cover in total, so maybe it’s time for a change…

The novel will be published by Impress Books on Tuesday 10 November, and it will be available in independent bookshops and major booksellers, or you should be able to get a copy from your library.

Available for pre-order now.

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