New research findings about the Shotley Bridge Swordmakers

While researching my third historical novel, The Running Wolf, I uncovered some historic documents about the swordmakers that have not so far been mentioned in any of the existing books about the Shotley Bridge swordmakers. These documents answer some long-standing questions about the swordmakers, who were originally from Solingen, Germany.

My research findings will be published in the Taylor & Francis journal, Northern History. This was due to be on 3 September, but production issues mean there will be a delay. Once it’s published, I’ll share the link here, along with details on how to get a copy of the article.

And advent calendar made up of 25 small pictures taken from the cover of The Running Wolf. There is a piece of gold, showing the running wolf blademark, a crescent moon and the constellation of cancer, a sunray of swords, and a warship.
Countdown to new research findings being published.

I know it’s too early for an Advent calendar, but it’s been a long year, so it feels like it should be at least December by now…

Starting from 26 August 2020, a square on the calendar will change each day, and you’ll be able to click it to find out about the swordmakers and some of the people connected to them. Just click here to get to the right page.

Once the new research is published by Northern History, you’ll be able to view it at this link: . If you don’t have membership of an academic library, then the article has quite a hefty fee attached to it. (None of this goes to authors, by the way.) The journal has given me permission to share a version on my website and this will be free to download, providing that you cite the journal if you copy or share any of the information in there.

While I won’t be able to share any of the historic documents because of copyright, I will be able to share transcripts and quotes from some of them, so please watch this space… I’ll also explain how you can arrange to get your own copies of these documents, including the Solingen Indictment…

Best wishes, Helen

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