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Apologies, but publication of The Running Wolf has been delayed until 1 December 2020. In the meantime, if you’d like to read some advance reviews, please see the links below. These reviews were provided by lovely book bloggers as part of a blog tour organised by Kelly Lacey at Love Books Group.

Because the The Running Wolf is still on the anvil, these reviews are all based on the e-book versions. (Having been through several rounds of corrections recently, I know these e-versions will have contained some errors, so apologies, book bloggers, and thank you for putting up with uncorrected proofs.) Once the physical review copies have gone out, I’ll add in further reviews.

The Running Wolf Blog Tour (photo by and courtesy of Love Books Group)

What is a book blogger?

Before my first book, Widdershins, was published, I didn’t know what a blog tour or book blogger was (and also hadn’t tangled much with things like Instagram or Twitter). So, for anyone else who doesn’t know, book bloggers are lovely individuals who enjoy reading books and writing about them on their web logs (blogs). Heroically, they do this free of charge, in their own time, in exchange for no more than a copy of the book. If you love reading, they’re well worth following as you can get some great book recommendations from them!

What is a blog tour?

A blog tour is a series of reviews posted by a number of book bloggers over a period of a week or two, and these are usually shared on social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Often, the reviews are accompanied by bookstagrams, which are beautiful photos featuring the book in question. If you’re interested in becoming a book blogger, or if you’re already a blogger and fancy joining in some forthcoming blog tours, then you can sign up at Love Books Group.

Reviews of The Running Wolf by Helen Steadman

So, without further ado, over to the book bloggers – thank you all so very much for taking the time to read The Running Wolf and provide reviews. It’s always a nerve-wracking experience waiting for the first reviews to come in, and so I’m very pleased at the positive comments!

Book BloggerIn their own wordsReview Excerpt
Michelle Ryles The Book MagnetI aim to give an honest and true review of every book that I read, whether published or pre-published. The very first sentence gave me goosebumps; it is just so perfect and, coupled with the sentences that followed, I felt like I should have stood up to give Helen Steadman a round of applause.  So cover me in Velcro and call me gripped.
Shaz Goodwin
Jera’s Jamboree
Helping you to unwind by providing an oasis from life’s pressures.Everything feels authentic at Shotley Bridge – the community, the way of life, the rituals, the expectations, the politics and even the language used.  I have acquired a couple of additions to my vocabulary – my two favourite words gnashgab  and  devil-cleper!  The difference between cultures is depicted in a graphic scene – not for the squeamish.  This did make me think about rituals, beliefs, how we defend and keep identities and how even today these differences impact on lives. 
Jessica BelmontWriter, Book Blogger & Chronic Pain WarriorThe Running Wolf is an intriguing novel. I loved the setting. I felt transported back in time. It is clear this author did her research to make this feel authentic.
Books, Beans & BotanyI focus on sustainability, travel, veganism, mental health, plants, books and more.There are so many secrets, lies, and plot twists intricately woven throughout the book and you’ll be wondering who you can trust the whole time. Steadman is a wonderful writer and I’m glad I had the chance to read her work for the first time. I’d recommend this to anyone who loves historical fiction, especially that of a bit darker variety.
Jaffa Reads TooJo and her glorious ginger cat, Jaffa, have an eclectic taste in books and can’t imagine a day where without at least a couple of books on the go.The Running Wolf is wonderfully atmospheric. The opening chapter creates such an immediate sense of time and place that I was catapulted back through time and became part of the Solingen community, conjuring the dream thieves as they tipped their beady eye over the sleeping villagers.  
Little Lion Books
MA publishing student at
Oxford Brookes University: bookworm and aspiring publisher.
Drama and danger are abound in this history mystery. Centered around Hermann Mohll, a master sword maker from Prussia, the plot is filled with mystery and intrigue. Furthermore, Steadman is great at bringing the era to life. It’s evident that they’ve really researched the period and this really shows in their writing.
Lisa Reads Books (Madwoman in the Attic)I write about books, writing and women in history.The story focuses on difficulties in adapting to life in a new land, dealing with prejudice and suspicion and struggling with a new language while also missing the old way of life. Helen Steadman is a masterful storyteller with a wonderful ability to bring the past and in particular, the characters of the past to life. The Running Wolf is an intriguing look at a time of great upheaval as the 17th Century came to an end. 
Chicks, Rogues & Scandals
I’m Frankie, a continuous tea-drinking, Yorkshire Lass who has a passion for history. Book reviewer, a budding writer and as I like to say, I am “owned” by an ageing dog and I am a full-time carer.The Running Wolf is a complex, exciting, drama-filled historical full of intrigue and danger. I was gripped from the start. I loved the eeriness of the story, from page one there is something lurking in the background, in the story, it’s described as the ‘Wolf’;  there is danger threading within the story and it hovers over the characters like a heavy mist waiting to settle.
Sun, Storm & Thunderclouds
A Northern Irish book reader.This book was interesting in the fact it covered a topic, a group of people and a setting I’ve yet to come across anywhere else. Not only did it skip the ‘elite women in corsets finding love’ trope but it showed the characters as very real and tangible people. Mohll was a doting father. His wife, Katrin, a worrying mother. These characters had more depth beyond the stereotype of being macho men and meek women which I enjoyed. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of historical fiction; it was a nicely paced and easy to read story.
Books, Brews & Blooms
Books, seasons, beverages and Disney mugsThis was a period of time I knew very little about, so it was interesting to have it brought to life in such a personal way! If you are a fan of historical fiction, a dual narrative or local history, then The Running Wolf is definitely a book you should be looking out for!
While My Babies SleepReader, listener, learnerThis is a complex, but enjoyable read with characters that are believable (protective but encouraging father, stubborn but caring mother etc) and an engaging plot. If you’re looking for a story that will take you to another time and place, this may well be it.
On The Shelf BooksScottish. Blogger. Book Columnist at 17 Degrees and 19 Degrees magazines.
Gin Enthusiast. Vintage Beetle lover. Fan of Beetroot.
Helen Steadman does an amazing job of transporting you back in time and reliving this turbulent and fascinating part of history, which is jam-packed full of double-crossing, back-stabbing, subterfuge and unsteady allegiances  – I could not put to down and it has left me with a real book hangover as it was so immersive and exciting a tale.
Rambling MadsRambling on about books, baking and beauty…The characters are well rounded and skillfully brought to life, Hermann in particular is vivid and realistic. His family felt like people you might know and their struggles are familiar to anyone who knows someone who has moved countries for work.
Angi Plant
Books ‘n’ Banter
I’m Angi and I’m a book addict. I have loved to read as long as I can remember. 
Lydia Elizabeth Reader of RivendellMiddleEarth, Mythology, Wildflowers, Classics
Booky Charm

Life of kids, cats @rincewindthecat2019, creativity, kindness, reading many books, writing, art and bookstagram
Gabby Sew She ReadsDesigner and Creator
I love books, sewing, travel and food.
Book Love Life
I love food, books, walking, learning, country music & animals.
C.C.C. VillacortaI am a creator for digital planners and a reader.I found the book enjoyable and was interested in how it is set in a different time period and the development of the story. It shows how much effort and research the author did for this story. Also, it’s interesting that the author learned so much in her research and was able to create this well written story based on that.
Rhiannon’s Book WorldBook lover tryna keep a book diary… 
Emily Jane Novelle NovelsBooktuber
Tangents Book Blog
Avid multi-genre reader, book reviewer, book blogger, known to go off on tangents, cat mum, and the wrong side of 40!
Mandy W87Lawyer, bookworm and reviewer
The Book Reader
Ireland, Bi, Editor/Beta Reader/Reviewer Open for collaboration/reviews (physical ONLY)
Bex ReadsLoves playing Animal Crossing and reading too much
I’m open to reviewing books! DM or drop me an email!
Reading With RioOut and Proud. Fiancée to Kim. Step Mum to 3!
Reading Through the Looking GlassI am a full time stay at home mummy of two children. In my spare time I enjoy reading and reviewing books.

Thank you to all the book bloggers who have taken part in the blog tour for The Running Wolf and also to all bloggers who’ve taken part in previous blog tours for my historical novels about the Newcastle witch trials, Widdershins and Sunwise. I really am very grateful to all of you!

Best wishes, Helen

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