A chance to see Best Girl…

If you miss going to plays, you can watch the screened version of Best Girl from the comfort of your own home at the weekend.

Lois Mackie in her one-woman show, Best Girl – a huge hit at the Edinburgh Fringe

Best Girl is a one-woman show performed by Lois Mackie. The film was written by her mother, Christine Mackie (of Downton Abbey and Coronation Street fame). There will be a Q&A session afterwards with both Christine and Lois.

The observant amongst you will spot that Christine Mackie is the actor currently narrating the audiobooks of Widdershins and Sunwise, and an absolutely phenomenal job she is doing of it, too!

The play is free to watch, but there is an opportunity to give a tip. In this case, Christine and Lois are donating their tips to two mental health charities: FirstLight Trust (who help veterans from the armed forces and emergency services who are struggling with civilian life) and YoungMinds (for children and young people).

Tickets are available from bit.ly/pausxBestGirl

(PS, if you make short films, you might like to air them on paus.tv which is a new online platform for award-winning films.)

Best wishes, Helen

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