Audiobook Samples & Covers for Widdershins, Sunwise & The Running Wolf

All three of my novels will soon be available as audio books. Christine Mackie is narrating Widdershins and its sequel, Sunwise. You may recognise her dulcet tones from TV series such as Downton Abbey and Coronation Street. She’s done a fabulous job of bringing my books to life and I can’t wait to share them with you.

The Running Wolf will be narrated by Richard Turner, a professional actor who has worked in theatre as well as in several drama and comedy series for radio and TV: See It Saw It for BBC1, and Nineteen Ninety-Four, If You’re So Clever Why Aren’t You Rich?, and Eking It for BBC Radio Four.

In the meantime, I’ll pop a couple of snippets of Widdershins here for you to enjoy. The first audiobook excerpt is from Chapter 1, ‘The Afflicted Messenger’. In this scene, a Scottish wise woman tends the wounds of John Sharpe, the boy who will grow up to be the notorious witchfinder behind the Newcastle witch trials.

Snippet from Widdershins, Chapter 1, The Afflicted Messenger, read by Christine Mackie

The second snippet is from Chapter 2, Infernal Creature, where local cunning woman, Meg Wetherby visits Jane and Annie Chandler with bad news about rumours of witch trials in Newcastle.

Snippet from Widdershins, Chapter 2, ‘Infernal Creature’, read by Christine Mackie

The third excerpt is from Chapter 14, ‘Ten Moons’, which is set on May Day. Reverend Foster delivers a stern sermon to the village about the forthcoming Beltane celebrations and warns them to be careful about pregnancy.

Snippet from Widdershins, Chapter 14, ‘Ten Moons’, read by Christine Mackie

Widdershins, Sunwise and The Running Wolf will all be available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes by the end of 2021. Watch this space for more information…

(Book bloggers, if you’d like a review copy of any of my forthcoming audio books, please DM me through Twitter or Instagram.)

Best wishes, Helen

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