Sunwise audio book: sequel to Widdershins, based on the 1650 Newcastle witch trials

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Audio excerpt from Sunwise: the trial of Patricia Gillie

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The audio version of Sunwise is narrated by Christine Mackie (famous for her roles in Downton Abbey, Coronation Street, Wire in the Blood, Clocking Off, Casualty, The Grand, Fat Friends, Holby City, Doctors, Peak Practice, Heartbeat, French and Saunders and the list goes on…) Here she is in the studio, being herself and being Daphne Bryant in Downton Abbey. Christine has done an absolutely fabulous job of the narration – her voice really draws you in. Before you listen to the Sunwise audio book, you might like to listen to the first book in the series, Widdershins.

Sunwise is the sequel to Widdershins. Both novels were inspired by the Newcastle witch trials, where 16 people were hanged. Despite resulting in the largest mass execution of witches on a single day in England, these trials are not widely known about.

Sunwise continues the story of women’s struggle for survival in a hostile and superstitious world. Spurred on by the successful execution of 17 proven witches, the witchfinder travels north to Berwick, where he continues his quest to rid the world of evil. But will he hoodwink the Berwick authorities as easily as those in Newcastle?

Sunwise begins after the Newcastle witch trials as Jane Chandler’s lover, Tom Verger, returns from the navy to find her unhappily married to his betrayer. Jane is caught in an impossible situation. Still reeling from the loss of her mother at the hands of the witchfinder, Jane has no choice but to continue her dangerous work as a healer while keeping her young daughter safe. As Tom seeks a way for him and Jane to be together, the Scottish witchfinder is still at large. Filled with vengeance, John Sharpe will stop at nothing in his sworn mission to free the world from the scourge of witchcraft.

Recommended for anyone who has enjoyed Stacey Halls’ The Familiars, Beth Underdown’s The Witchfinder’s Sister, AK Blakemore’s The Manningtree Witches, Elizabeth Lee’s Cunning Women, Louisa Morgan’s A Secret History of Witches, Jeanette Winterson’s The Daylight Gate, Madeline Miller’s Circe, or Deborah Harkness’ A Discovery of Witches.

Critic Review

“The novel is rich in fascinating details: Jane’s remedies and the village customs, partly Christian, partly pagan. Ancient names for plants and festivities, both seasonal and Christian, add colour to the narrative. Jane’s story is based on true events, and Jane represents the many women whose healing gifts made them victims of superstition and violence. (The Historical Novel Society)

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