My visit to Germany’s National Blade Museum: Deutsches Klingenmuseum

Me Fecit Solingen (I was made in Solingen)

The Running Wolf is my third historical novel based in the north east of England. It’s inspired by the tale of the master swordmakers who defected from Solingen in north west Germany and came to live in Shotley Bridge, County Durham. The book focuses on Hermann Mohll, who was imprisoned in the winter of 1703/4 in Morpeth Gaol after he was caught smuggling swords into England and suspected of high treason and being in cahoots with Jacobite rebels. (For more information about the history surrounding Mohll and the other swordmakers, please check these blog posts about the Shotley Bridge swordmakers.)

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If you want other formats, or you’re based outside the UK, please click here for links to major bookshops.

While researching The Running Wolf, I spent time exploring the three main locations in the book: Shotley Bridge, County DurhamMorpeth, Northumberland; and Solingen, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, and I took lots of photos, so I’ve shared them in the three blog posts above. I spent some time in Germany’s national sword museum, which is based in Solingen, and took so many photos, I thought it best to put them into a separate post.

Solingen hosts the German national sword museum, Deutsches Klingenmuseum, which is definitely worth visiting as it has swords from all over the world, as well as from Solingen. My photos of the blades are petty bad as the light was reflecting off the glass cases (and nothing to do with my terrible photographic skills, of course), but you get the general idea. Although they’re not very well taken, the sword photos will hopefully show you the range in the museum.

At the link, there are lots of sword photos, not labelled (sorry). Please feel free to download and use these photos – I took them all and am happy for people to save/use/share, etc. Apologies that you can see my parka-wearing reflection in many of them…

Best wishes, Helen

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