‘A Little Perspective’PoemPen Tales
‘Aftermath’Poem  Poetry Quarterly
‘Falser Than Vows Made In Wine’Short storyWifie
‘Harvest’PoemThe Lamp Journal
‘Mourning Sickness’PoemTiger’s Eye Journal
‘Ouroboros’PoemThe Lamp Journal
‘Quiet Sisters’PoemPushing Out The Boat
‘Sentence’PoemCauseway / Cabhsair:
A Magazine of Irish & Scottish Writing
‘Strange Weather’Short storyFriction Magazine
The Running WolfNovelImpress Books
‘This Is My England’   PoemApiary Magazine:
Paradise Lost Anthology
‘Three And A Half Magpies’Short storyThe Lamp Journal
‘We Shall Be’PoemListen Up North
‘What Persephone Did Next’PoemTiger’s Eye Journal
‘Worms in the Heart’PoemLeviathan:
A Journal of Melville Studies
SunwiseNovelImpress Books
WiddershinsNovelImpress Books

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