TitleType Publication
‘A Little Perspective’ Poem Pen Tales
‘Aftermath’ Poem   Poetry Quarterly
‘Falser Than Vows Made In Wine’ Short story Wifie
‘Harvest’ Poem The Lamp Journal
‘Mourning Sickness’ Poem Tiger’s Eye Journal
‘Ouroboros’ Poem The Lamp Journal
‘Quiet Sisters’ Poem Pushing Out The Boat
‘Sentence’ Poem Causeway / Cabhsair:
A Magazine of Irish & Scottish Writing
‘Strange Weather’ Short story Friction Magazine
‘This Is My England’    Poem Apiary Magazine:
Paradise Lost Anthology
‘Three And A Half Magpies’ Short story The Lamp Journal
‘We Shall Be’ Poem Listen Up North
‘What Persephone Did Next’ Poem Tiger’s Eye Journal
‘Worms in the Heart’ Poem Leviathan:
A Journal of Melville Studies
Sunwise Novel Impress Books
Widdershins Novel Impress Books
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