God of Fire

God of Fire is now available for pre-order. The e-book is on special offer for 99p until publication day on 13 September 2022.

God of Fire (Greek Myths: A New Retelling)

God of fire (A New Retelling of the Greek Myths)

He’s a rejected immortal. But can this magical blacksmith fight against fate and overcome the darkness of his past?

Hephaestus fears he’ll never be accepted. Cast down from Olympus and raised by a powerful sea witch, he sets out on a quest to discover his unknown father’s true identity. But he struggles to be taken seriously by the other gods who only want him for his ingenious inventions.

Convinced that solving his paternity will help him earn the love he seeks, the god of fire traps his mother and refuses to free her until she reveals a name. But when he uncovers a terrifying truth, he finds himself with more enemies than allies amongst the wrathful Olympians.

Can Hephaestus unlock buried secrets and prove himself worthy?

God of Fire is an imaginative standalone historical fantasy. If you like forgotten legends, fantastic beasts, and dark tales punctuated with humour, then you’ll adore Helen Steadman’s fascinating expedition into mythology.

Read God of Fire to unravel the mysteries of ancient Greece today!

Recommended for fans of MythosSong of AchillesCirce and Pandora’s Jar.

Listen to a sample of the audiobook on SoundCloud.

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