Sunwise audiobook

Cover of Sunwise audiobook. It has a frame of white elder flowers and vines twining around two lit candles against a black background. Inside the frame, a young woman and her little girl face the witchfinder. The characters and book title are in gold and the author and narrator names are in white.

Written by: Helen Steadman

Narrated by: Christine Mackie

Length: 7.6 hours
Release date: 31-10-21
Language: English

Sunwise is the sequel to Helen Steadman’s best-selling novel, Widdershins. Both novels were inspired by the Newcastle witch trials, where 16 people were hanged. Despite being the largest mass execution of witches on a single day in England, these trials are not widely known about.

Sunwise continues the story of women’s struggle for survival in a hostile and superstitious world. Spurred on by the successful execution of sixteen proven witches, the witchfinder travels north to Berwick, where he continues his quest to rid the world of evil. But will he hoodwink the Berwick authorities as easily as those in Newcastle?

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