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Cover of Widdershins against a backdrop showing the silhouettes of Jane Chandler and John Sharpe.

‘Did all women have something of the witch about them?’

Widdershins is inspired by the Newcastle witch trials where sixteen people were hanged. Despite being the largest mass execution of witches on a single day in England, these trials are not widely known about.

In August 1650, fifteen women and one man were hanged as witches after a Scottish witchfinder found them guilty of consorting with the devil. This notorious man was hired by the Puritan authorities in response to a petition from the Newcastle townsfolk who wanted to be rid of their witches.

Widdershins is told through the eyes of Jane Chandler, a young woman accused of witchcraft, and John Sharpe, the witchfinder who condemns her to death.

Jane Chandler is an apprentice healer. From childhood, she and her mother have used herbs to cure the sick. But Jane soon learns that her sheltered life in a small village is not safe from the troubles of the wider world.

From his father’s beatings to his uncle’s raging sermons, John Sharpe is beset by bad fortune. Fighting through personal tragedy, he finds his purpose: to become a witchfinder and save innocents from the scourge of witchcraft.

The Historical Novel Society said of Widdershins:

“Impeccably written, full of herbal lore and the clash of ignorance and prejudice against common sense, as well as the abounding beauty of nature, it made for a great read. There are plenty of books, both fact and fiction, available about the witch-trial era, but not only did I not know about such trials in Newcastle, I have not read a novel that so painstakingly and vividly evokes both the fear and joy of living at that time.”

Published on 1 July 2017 by Impress BooksWiddershins is available from independent bookshops, such as Forum Books. It’s also available from local libraries and large booksellers, such as: AmazonBlackwell’sFoylesHive and Waterstone’s. The Book Depository will deliver it free of charge worldwide. Kobo readers can get a copy from WH Smith and Apple readers can get a copy from iTunes.

Watch out for the audiobook in summer 2021.


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