'Did all women have something of the witch about them?' Jane Chandler is an apprentice healer. From childhood, she and her mother have used herbs to cure the sick. But Jane will soon learn that her sheltered life in a small village is not safe from the troubles of the wider world. From his father's beatings to his uncle's raging sermons, John Sharpe is beset by bad fortune. Fighting through personal tragedy, he finds his purpose: to become a witch-finder and save innocents from the scourge of witchcraft. Inspired by true events, Widdershins tells the story of the women who were persecuted and the men who condemned them.


Published on 1 July 2017 by Impress Books, Widdershins is available from Amazon, Blackwell's, Foyles, Hive or Waterstones. The Book Depository will deliver it free of charge worldwide. Kobo readers can get a copy from WH Smith and Apple readers can get a copy from iTunes. Or, you can also check out independent bookshops or your local library. Reviews are available on Goodreads and Amazon.